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    Laser Tag Classic Adult T-Shirt

    Introducing the epitome of retrofuturistic style: the timeless unisex soft-style round neck t-shirt. Embrace its sleek silhouette, boasting short sleeves and a seamless tubular body.

    Crafted with 100% semi-combed ringspun cotton, this extraordinary garment ensures utmost comfort and durability. Its neck is fortified with reinforcing tape, while the elastane rib collar adds a touch of futuristic resilience. Weighing in at a remarkable 150 gsm, this t-shirt strikes the perfect balance between substance and lightness.

    Please be aware that delivery dates may slightly vary depending on your destination, adding an element of anticipation to your journey through time.

    Every single piece is printed with an abundance of love, meticulously packed with utmost care, and dispatched within the realms of 3 - 5 business days approximately. By acquainting yourself with the estimated delivery time, you can calculate the precise moment when this treasured item will grace your presence.

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