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Our inspiration

Victor Plazma was built upon our love for everything retro.

R E T R O W A V E . It's a movement, it'a lifestyle. It's what we're all about! If you haven't yet heard about it, read on!

If your idea of a great weekday night is throwing on some energetic Synthwave music, with its power 80s synthesizers, classic action movie riffs and iconic drum machine percussion, and spacing out to some pixel-licious parallax palm trees and neon lights, then we are definitely on the same page here. If you haven't guessed it already, our passion is fueled by our nostalgia growing up in the late 80s for those action-packed blockbusters everyone remembers from TV of the era. 

We take on the original 80s style with inspiration from pop culture movies, classic video games like Outrun, modern takes on the 80s like Hotline Miami, and even sprinkle in some Cyberpunk to create iconic, timeless clothing and accessories that are nothing short of awesome!

We have built Victor Plazma as a brand that celebrates the retro 80s and 90s style and captures that very vibe and feeling that we feel will touch many that grew up in the same era, or that simply enjoy the atmosphere!

Be bold and don't be afraid to express yourself - like us!

(To learn more about Retrowave, read our blog post here!)

Stay Rad, Stay Retro, and live your Life in Neon!

We are always happy to hear from you

E-mail us anytime at with any questions, thoughts, or to simply chat! We really care about your experience with us and welcome any and all questions and feedback.

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Always on a mission to make you look and feel your absolute retro best,

Victor P.