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Great fit and great Look

I received the first item of my first order from Victor Plazma yesterday, and to be honest, I was a little nervous, since they haven't posted on socials in a while, but never fear! The item arrived way quicker than I expected. It's nice and soft. The print is perfect and honestly, the tag on the shirt itself is almost as cool as the actual print. I feel bad for other people that I'm the only one who gets to see that part.

I ordered a medium with a bit of trepidation. I can definitely fit in a large, but this fits just right so that if I do lose a bit of weight, the shirt isn't going to suddenly balloon on me.

Can't wait to receive the rest of my order now, this shirt has definitely alleviated my concerns.

Really cool zip up hoodie - Goes well with a pair of pink camo combats

Very nice product

The design is just what I expected, the colors complement each other very nicely. It looks flashy in just the way you would expect and hope for if you like this style and buy this product. Very good fit and good feel inside as well.

Nice design and fit

I like the design a lot, and the fit is also good. The feel inside the sleeves wasn't exactly what I expected, but you get used to it and it also totally works with a long-sleeved shirt below.

Awesome jacket.

Love that Retrowave/80s vibe it has to it. Keeps me warm when it gets cold.

MA-1 Fearless Retrowave Light Bomber Jacket
Aino Hynninen
Retrowave Jacket

Amazing and looks cool!

Lucid Dream - White Low Top Canvas Shoes

Awsome ! High Quality !

Now i completely feel retro...

I tried to find a way to express my love for 80’s i found it !

The hoodie is awsome and the international delivery is quick ;)

Gg Victor Plazma

Space Trip Graphic Tee
John merolla
Great shirt

The quality of the product was great. Came quckly too. Only negative is one piece of my order never arrived

MA-1 Polychrome Light Bomber Jacket
John merolla

I received my shirt from this order but i never recieved my jacket. I know things are hard atm but i would love to get it

Perfect varsity jacket to add to the wardrobe

I've been doing a restructure of my wardrobe to attune to the Synthwave/1980's style and this variety jacket was literally perfect. I wanted one that had no sport team affiliation but a nice catchy design featuring an 80's element. I've gotten a few compliments so far both from people who grew up in the 80's as well as fellow 90's generation people.

New Retro Graphic Tee
Manfred Mayrwöger
Great stuff

Love the Style, and it’s a good quality! 👍🏻

Space Walker Joggers
Connery Sims
Still haven't received package

Alright so I'm aware that this isn't at fault of victorplazma. But I cannot do a proper review of the pants until they arrive at my address
So I'd like to find out where they are since USPS isn't updating where my packages are.

Moon Walker Joggers
Connery Sims
60 days after being ordered

So I love the website and everything but I was notified after 60 days from ordering my pants that both items didnt have a location on the tracking number yet due to customs and crappy shipping due to covid. I am aware that this is not the fault of the company. However I cannot give a proper product review until I have those items here at my house in my hands to give a true review. So until they arrive whenever that may be since I don't get location details right now from USPS, I will do me review at that time.

MA-1 Fearless Retrowave Light Bomber Jacket
Nicolas Prevost

Really cool, thank you 👌

Established In 1986 Graphic Tee

Sweet summer jacket!

This really gives you that 80s teen movie look. The print and fabric are awesome! Thank you! =)

No problem

Perfect tee-shirt, thanks ;)

MA-1 Synth Beast Light Bomber Jacket

There is no problem with this order, I highly recommend

MA-1 Polychrome Light Bomber Jacket
Carleton Wilkinson

Retro MA1 "Polychrome" Light Bomber Jacket

MA-1 Polychrome Light Bomber Jacket
Hank Bayer

The fabric is not like the one seen in the picture. I was expecting something more shiny. Otherwise it was worth the money and wait. will buy again definitely! Delivered faster than i expected, size fits great. will definitely order the white one and other products! thanks!

Space Walker Joggers
Alex Green

Great seller quality item recommended. a little pricy

MA-1 Polychrome Light Bomber Jacket
Clarabelle Ward

Beautiful and good quality. It is advisable to take large sizes since the carving is small. I took a XXXL and measured 179 and weight 65 kg.

MA-1 Polychrome Light Bomber Jacket
Augustus Ratke

Arrived very fast, pretty warm as well and nice quality for the price. The only gripe I have is the length of the torso but that’s more of a nitpick. Would HIGHLY recommend